RON: SK0-47W-0OP / RFN Kolárovo: SK0-4X3-0FT / RFN Senica: SK0-589-0FP / RIN Kolárovo Starlinger IV+: SK0-6AZ-019 / RIN Senica Starlinger Decon: SK0-6XB-0IC

HDPE cap production

Technical parameters

We produce HDPE caps that are transparent and in various colour shades according to the customer’s requirements.

We offer colour shades according to the customer’s choice, including transparent and clear caps.

Available colour shades.

We make caps from primary HDPE material (High Density Polyethylene), which meets all material requirements for direct contact with food.

HDPE caps are designed to firmly close the PET bottle and protect the contents of the bottle.

Overview and specification of the produced caps

Product code

Weight (g)

Closure type


(pcs in a cardboard box)


(wooden pallet)



PCO 1810

5 000 ks

100 000 ks



PCO – short 1881

6 400 ks

128 000 ks

Bottle neck for cap type PCO 1810

Bottle neck for SHORT 1881 cap