RON: SK0-47W-0OP / RFN Kolárovo: SK0-4X3-0FT / RFN Senica: SK0-589-0FP / RIN Kolárovo Starlinger IV+: SK0-6AZ-019 / RIN Senica Starlinger Decon: SK0-6XB-0IC

100 %

recycling responsibility benefit to the environment quality and technology recycling solution

Production of
PET flakes

Production of food grade PET regranulate

Production of
PET preforms

Production of
HDPE caps

and services

Products and services

We are a leading producer of hot-washed PET flake and the only producer of food grade PET regranulate and PET preforms in Slovakia. We recycle used PET bottles and use our recycled products in the production of PET preforms.

100% recycling

8 markets

500 million pieces of preforms per year

16,000 tons of recycled PET bottles per year

12,000 tons
of PET flakes per year

13,250 tons of food grade PET regranulate per year