RON: SK0-47W-0OP / RFN Kolárovo: SK0-4X3-0FT / RFN Senica: SK0-589-0FP / RIN Kolárovo Starlinger IV+: SK0-6AZ-019 / RIN Senica Starlinger Decon: SK0-6XB-0IC

LDPE foil production

We are ending the production of LDPE foil on 31 July 2022.


We produce heat-shrinkable LDPE foil from primary LDPE material, from recycled LDPE material and from additives (HDPE additive for strength, slip additive). The composition of the material in the foil is determined by the customers according to their needs.

We produce our foils from 100% primary LDPE material, as well as from 100% LDPE re-granulate, respectively their combinations according to the customer’s wishes.

Heat-shrinkable LDPE foil is suitable for packaging:

  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, oils, milk, flour, salt, rice, pasta, canned food and tins
  • any food with its own basic packaging
  • bulk packaging of products and ensuring the protective function of the product

We produce mono-foil from a thickness of 35 micrometers to 120 micrometers in the following variants:

  • single-layer strip, up to a width of 2.0 meters (flat foil)
  • semi-hoses, up to a width of 4.0 meters
  • hose or tab foil within a circumference of 5.2 meters

We produce transparent, transparent LDPE foil.